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We value the quality of the training sessions we provide, rather than the quantity of players within each program we offer. With this mindset, we are able to create a focused-training approach that gives each player the individual attention they need.

A Framework for Success

Quality Over Quantity

At every session, camp or program, you receive thorough training, without the high player-to-coach ratio.

Extensive Approach

We develop players to perform at their highest capacity, leading to real results and improvement.

Top-Tier Development

Our experienced coaches possess the tools and resources to help you you reach your basketball goals.

Check Out Our Reviews

"XV has helped me tremendously with my basketball skills and most importantly my shooting. Manny knew what I needed to work on and what it would take to be successful at the next level. With everything I was taught at XV, it gave me the confidence to perform well at the Division 1 level.

I would recommend XV training to anyone who is willing to put in the work to become a great student-athlete because even though Manny loves seeing his players succeed on the basketball court, he wants to see his players succeed in the classroom too! That is the one thing I respect and appreciate the most about Manny is he cares about his players beyond the basketball court."

- Tara Wallack, Washington State University 3rd Year | Private Training with XV

"XV Training Academy has developed my fundamental skills through hours of personal and group training, while also guiding me to see the game of basketball at a deeper level. They have provided me with an opportunity to learn how to be an integral part of an offence at the post secondary level, and simultaneously teaching me to take advantage of my own strengths on defence. The coaches use specific critiquing that differs with players personalities, while maintaining a professional environment."

- Jeevan Sidhu, Douglas College 2nd Year | XV Mentorship Program

"XV is an advanced and experienced academy. I really enjoyed how each individual workout focuses on the specific training you need. Plus, the environment is welcoming and friendly. This program has made me more confident as a shooter and an overall player. Thanks to  XV, this was one of the factors that lead me to achieve my dream of playing university ball."

- Arman Dulai, Simon Fraser University 3rd Year | Private Training

"XV Training Academy has been a big part of my development since day 1. I have learnt great lessons during my time here that I can not only incorporate on the court but in life as well. The support and hard work has helped me accomplish my goals of being a post secondary basketball player. Truly a family!"

- Tegbir Kainth, Douglas College 3rd Year | XV Mentorship Program

"As a new youngster from India, I had no friends or anyone to talk to until Manny and Xv were introduced to me. My life was changed, and it gave me a new sense of purpose. Xv has taught me everything I know about basketball today, as well as a lot more. Xv is a terrific place to get away from reality and have a good time with your friends. Xv teaches more than only basketball; it also teaches life lessons and how to deal with difficulties."

- Ekman Sohal, Douglas College 3rd Year | XV Mentorship Program